Workplace Champion


You don’t have to have x-ray vision or be able to leap a tall building in a single bound. You don’t have to wear a red cape when you do your job. But by serving as your “Workplace’s United Way Champion", you are responding to our communities signal for help.

Be a Champion of Change!

A “Workplace Champion” is someone that encourages others, that helps build awareness of United Way (spread the word far and wide about United Way, post on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, talk with customers, friends and family, or write to your local newspaper), someone who runs a workplace fundraising month and encourages participation.

Don’t feel like you have to “go it alone.” Ask a friend at work to help you co-champion.
If your workplace has multiple departments or locations spread around the country, consider recruiting helpers from each department to help.
Ask management to personally endorse the campaign during your presentations or with a letter to associates.

You can’t champion a cause you don’t know anything about. The more you know about United Way, the more impassioned you will become and the more credible you will be with co-workers.