Don Oliver, J.P. MFINZ

United Way NZ Chief Executive
Phone: 09 377 2544

Don Oliver became Chief Executive of United Way NZ in 2003. It was then that UWNZ increased its reach beyond Auckland City to cover most of New Zealand.
He has represented NZ at many overseas events for United Way Worldwide.

Don has been involved in Need based, Community focused Philanthropic work for most of his life. Prior to his current position he spent many years in England, Australia and New Zealand fulfilling leading roles for an international organisation that has bases in 120 countries.

Don is committed to helping people “at their point of need”. In addition to being Chief Executive of UWNZ he is also a member of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand, a Justice of the Peace for NZ, a Celebrant, Chaplain for Hamilton RSA and The Combined Services Club plus President of Hamilton Central Rotary Club.