WE love our volunteers!

Offering your time is as valuable to us as money or goods. Without our volunteers we would be unable to help as many people as we do.

Volunteers from all walks of life, with their many valuable skills, are an important part of United Way NZ. Whether you want to meet new people or just do something good for your community, UWNZ will have an opportunity that will suit your skills, interests and availability

We offer two types of volunteering experiences:

Corporate Team Volunteering – Corporate volunteerism provides great benefits to a community while generating business value in the form of increased employee engagement and opportunities for team-building. UWNZ works to ensure that all opportunities offered align to your core values and mission.

Skilled Volunteering – Volunteer opportunities can be one-off, for one hour, one day, one week or can last for months. You can make a short term or regular commitment – it’s your choice. Volunteer your expertise to help United Way NZ and/or our teams on projects such as I.T., design, technical, legal, education, senior management, strategy, or business projects and consulting.

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity that does not fit the above criteria please contact UWNZ on;

Volunteers please contact:

Phone: +64 9 377 2544
Email: info@unitedway.org.nz