An Advocate is someone that is willing to speak up, to be heard, to make a change, to reach out a hand to one and influence the condiotion of all.

Our experience tells us that the best volunteering experiences and fundraising results come from peer-to-peer engagement. We work with supporters who want to use their talents, skills and experience to take on the role of advocate or community champion to identify colleagues and peers and motivate them to get involved in helping local communities.

Spread the word far and wide about the importance of early literacy for future life outcomes – share a United Way post on facebook, twitter or LinkedIn, talk with friends and family, or write to your local newspaper or MP to call for greater investment in early learning in your area.

Become a Community Champion in your workplace. We’ll provide you with the tools and inspiration to engage and encourage your colleagues to provide their time, treasure and talent to ensure more New Zealand children can read, learn and succeed in life. Find out how other Community Champions are making a difference.

Read with your child daily and encourage others to do the same. Consider joining our Kids’ Book Club – just $20 a week supports our early literacy program for children from disadvantaged communities… and your child will receive a monthly book posted to them at home!

We mobilise people, organisations and communities to improve the lives of New Zealanders living in disadvantage, via early interventions that ensure children and young people read, learn and succeed in life.
We invite YOU to be a part of the change. Great things happen when we LIVE UNITED.

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