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United Way New Zealand is participating with primary schools launching literacy programs under the trademark of Reading Oasis.
The goal of the United Way NZ Reading Oasis is to give every child the opportunity to develop a for love reading, positively affecting their ability to learn throughout school and beyond - we have a bold target of implementing the Reading Oasis initiative in 9 schools by 2020 which will mean reaching upwards of 500 children throughout New Zealand!

New Zealand and Australian research suggests that children’s early phonological awareness and familiarity with books links to their later reading and writing skills (Hamer & Adams, 2003; Early Childhood Literacy Project, 1999; Nicholson, 1999). If these literacy and other practices are poorly developed or skills are missing prior to schooling, then this is an indicator of later reading difficulties (McLachlan, 2006; Tayler, 2006).
Research also indicates that particular literacy practices may help children in early childhood services strengthen their literacy competency so they can make a successful transition to formal schooling. These practices can be found in the range of literacy activities children engage in throughout the day.
A child who reads will become an adult who thinks.


It is also a known fact that unless a child learns to read adequately before they leave primary school i.e approx. aged 10, they will have trouble for the duration of their schooling and beyond. There is an increasing number of NZ children leaving school with below-average reading skills.

Also, many homes do not have adequate quantities of reading books and children are therefore not encouraged by their parents to read, hence the need for initiatives such as the UWNZ Reading Oasis.


Adopt a school! We are looking for individuals, businesses, companies, and communities to ‘adopt’ the schools that need it the most. The cost to set up the programme (year one) is NZ$14,000 but it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. You can adopt your own school, ask your business to do so or get a team together to fundraise.

Every business and donor who gets involved will be given the opportunity to volunteer in their local Reading Oasis.
Volunteers can assemble the furniture, set out the books, sticker them by subject and read with the children.
Donations to this worthwhile initiative are welcome. For further information or related queries please contact United Way New Zealand's Chief Executive, via


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