Our Work

Some of UWNZ's Achievements

In The Last 5 Years UWNZ has…
• Given financial grants to over 700 community organisations
• Helped approximately 2.5 million people
• Managed around 10,000 volunteer hours focused on community projects
• Last year gave grants that benefited approx. 780,000 people.

For Fifteen Years The Tindall Foundation has…
Partnered with UWNZ making it one of its largest Fund Managers throughout NZ.
This has been a very effective and efficient partnership.

Otago Polytechnic has…
For the last 5 years partnered with UWNZ to provide one charity house each year as part of the Trades curriculum.
Students with their tutors were involved from commencement to completion and local suppliers generously donated or provided discounted products for the projects. $430,000 has been raised so far and 90% has been given back to local charities by UWNZ. Around 75 organisations have benefited. Otago Polytechnic has committed to this project for a further 5 years.